Apr 17 Thurs The Point
Apr 26 Sat Hot Tin Roof Hillsborough, NC
Apr 30 Wed Crabtree Valley Mall 6-8PM
May 10 Sat PrivateKnightdale, NC
May 15 Thurs The Point
May 17 Sat Mac's Tavern Cary

May 30 Fri 42nd St Oyster Bar
May 31 Sat Scooters Raleigh
June 7 Sat PrivateReidsville, NC
June 19 Thurs The Point
June 21 Sat Mac's Tavern Cary

July 12 Sat PrivateRaleigh, NC
July 17 Thurs The Point
July 19 Sat Scooters Raleigh
Aug 8 Fri 42nd St Oyster Bar
Aug 9 Sat Scooters Raleigh
Aug 21 Thurs The Point
Aug 23 Sat 14 Clubhouse Restaurant Garner, NC
Sept 18 Thurs The Point
Sept 21 Sun PrivateHouse of Blues Myrtle Beach, SC
Sept 27 Sat Scooters Raleigh
Oct 10 Fri 42nd St Oyster Bar
Oct 16 Thurs The Point
Nov 20 Thurs The Point
Dec 6 Sat PrivateNashville, NC
Dec 13 Sat Private High Point, NC
Dec 18 Thurs The Point